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It’s called JumpTherapy and it’s changing the ground rules for developing skills in special needs children. JumpTherapy is a structured, dynamic, sensory, motor and social skills therapy programs. It integrates ideal sensory equipment and goal-oriented occupational therapy with play and endless fun.

The key to JumpTherapy’s success with children is the use of a natural play environment to develop important motor skills such as balance, coordination, body awareness, motor planning,and bilateral integration while facilitating social skills such as eye contact, impulse control, turn taking, frustration tolerance, sportsmanship and team building. The weekly sessions, which run in monthly segments year-round (one-week winter break camp and two-week summer camp sessions ) are run by an experienced occupational or speech therapist with a maximum group size of 10 children and a 1:2 adults to child ratio.

Social skills are a key focus of JumpTherapy. “We structure it so that the kids are building social and motor skills in an environment where their typically-developing peers often play — they have so much fun, they don’t believe it’s therapy,” Skydell says.

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And it’s not just the children who benefit. During each session, a free support group for parents is held in a separate room. Refreshments are provided as parents meet to discuss common issues and gain support from each other. “Having a support group during the session relieves the stress of parents needing to find coverage for their special needs child while they attend the group,” Skydell says.

JumpTherapy helps children with autistic spectrum disorders, ADHD and any motor or social skills difficulties develop improved sensory processing, gross motor, motor planning, self regulation,  and social skills

JumpTherapy was launched five years ago in New Jersey and currently operates in more than 20 locations on the east coast.

*FREE parent support group held  simultaneously to your child’s JumpTherapy session. Refreshments served.

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JumpTherapy Camp

JumpTherapy offers a one week therapeutic winter break camp and a 2 week therapeutic summer camp which takes place the third and fourth week in August


  • Minimum 1 hour guided and goal-directed Bounce session
  • Small group sizes – 1:2 adult to child ratio (1:1 when needed)
  • All activities designed with maximum therapeutic value in mind
  • Create your own sensory-filled snack
  • Sensory-based craft activities devoted to fine motor, perceptual motor, and/or handwriting skills development
  • Outdoor sensory-filled activities (location and weather permitting)
  • Daily theme with all activities related to the theme
Monky joes

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