Our Mission & Philosophy

Therapy Program

Our mission at JumpTherapy is to provide a unique sensory, motor and social skills occupational therapy program to children with different abilities by utilizing a fun, natural play environment often enjoyed by their typically developing peers. In a stimulating indoor inflatable bounce facility, an experienced therapist works with small groups of children with ADHD, autism, autistic spectrum disorders, and sensory processing, motor and social difficulties, building their skills in a goal-oriented therapy/play program.

The challenging inflatables and fun, exciting setting are the ideal motivational tools to help children master sensory motor skills including balance, core control, coordination, body in space awareness, motor planning and bilateral integration. JumpTherapy’s innovative program also focuses heavily on social skills development by strengthening abilities such as eye contact and language, impulse control, turn taking, frustration tolerance, team building and sportsmanship. These are all essential to achievement in academic settings and in all aspects of everyday life.

Community Class

Due to the success of our therapy program, we decided to offer an additional option: structured community classes, open to the public. In Jumpin!s all inclusive class, children of all abilities come together in a setting they love, playing under the gentle guidance of a group leader — while simultaneously developing their motor skills and forming friendships. Our community classes add another dimension to the open play environment of inflatable bounce facilities, providing children the opportunity to build lifelong skills while having fun.

JumpTherapy’s vision also includes a solid basis of support for the whole family. During each session or class, we provide a separate meeting space for parents to interact, discuss common issues and gain strength from each other.

The JumpTherapy program was developed in 2013 by Miriam Skydell, a pediatric OT with 30 years experience and a strong commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of special needs children and their families. Our core values of integrity, compassion, and respect for individual differences support our goal to empower every child and every family with the skills to succeed in daily living, emotional control, relationships and independence.

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