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A Fitness and Exercise Class For Children of All abilities.

Community Classes

Jumpin! direct bills as a community class for eligible participants

Jumpin! is an integrated, structured exercise and fitness class. Using challenging inflatable bounce and climb equipment, Jumpin! helps children of all abilities improve balance,  Strength  and coordination while increasing endurance and stamina. Jumpin! is the ideal way for children to have an abundant amount fun while exercising and connecting with their peers. 

Ideal for all children, Jumpin! classes:

  • Are integrated, structured classes that teach gross motor and social skills
  • Offer a motivating and stimulating environment
  • Take place at local BounceU and Pump it Up locations — 15,000-square-foot indoor inflatable bounce facilities
  • Utilizes challenging trampoline and bounce arenas to motivate children to enjoy exercise
  • Encourages the importance of fitness in a fun, natural, small group setting, while simultaneously improving social, emotional and  gross motor skills.

Jumpin! classes are the perfect way to improve the following skills:

  • Balance
  • Bilateral integration
  • Strength and stamina
  • Body in space awareness
  • Core control
  • Motor planning
  • Gross motor and coordination
  • Timing

Jumpin! classes:

  • Were developed in 2013 by a pediatric Occupational Therapist with 30 years experience
  • Are planned and implemented by a skilled professional experienced in working with children
  • Are small group classes
  • Are held weekly
  • Are currently running in five locations in the New York area
  • Provide parents a separate area to meet while children are in class
  • Enable children to develop their motor and social skills while having fun!

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Cost: $100.00 per class


During each session or class, we provide a separate meeting space for parents to network, share common experiences, and gain support from each other. In some locations, a designated leader is appointed to help facilitate the group.

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